Wij proberen onze producten zo eerlijk mogelijk te graden. Als resultaat hebben wij meer dan 16.000 positieve klanten op onze DiscogsBelangrijk punt: De foto’s van de platen op onze website komen van een andere bron. De conditie + eventuele opmerkingen kun je zien door op de desbetreffende plaat te klikken!

Wij graden onze producten aan de hand van de Goldmine standard:

Mint (M)

Brand new, never played, never used and mostly sealed.

Near Mint (N)

VINYL: The record is nearly perfect and can have very minor signs of wear. Hairlines/scuffs and very little wear appears on the vinyl.

COVER: The cover looks close to perfect with only minor signs of wear

Very Good Plus (VG+)

VINYL: The record is in nice condition but can have some signs of use. Some background noise/pops might be there but this will not overpower the music and total music expierence.

COVER: The cover looks in nice condition with only small signs of use or other imperfections (bumped corners) etc. pricestickers and writings can be

Very Good (VG)

VINYL: The record has some marks, scuffs or scratches. These can cause some surfacenoise or background noise. Overal a ‘VG’ record is strongly used but in ‘acceptable’ condition.

COVER: The cover has some signs of use. The corners or edges can be damaged. Also a tear or damagespot (from for example a sticker rip off) can be there.

Good or Good Plus (G / G+)

VINYL: The record can be played without skipping. The record will have significant surface noise, scratches and visuable groove wear.

COVER: The cover has strong signs of use. Seams splits or strong damagespots can be visuable.

Poor or Fair (P / F)

VINYL: Record is cracked or badly warped. The record can’t play normally without skipping. Mostly people only buy Poor or Fair records for the collection. Not for playing.

COVER: The sleeve is heavy damaged.



COVER: Generic means a neutral sleeve so not the original picturesleeve!